Add great value to your property by hiring Al Maha Real Estate’s professional property management team, who will help you handle tasks that prevent your properties from staying vacant for too long. Besides, professional property managers help you avoid larger and more expensive problems by identifying and repairing any maintenance issues early on.


Finding a Tenant and Lease Management

One of the main reasons investors buy property is to earn rental income. However, that is not possible without a tenant. Our network of RERA certified brokers and in house marketing allows us to give your property the right kind of exposure to ensure a quick and profitable rental. We follow through with a thorough tenant screening process that helps us qualify the great tenants from the average ones that come with credibility and stability.


Property Maintenance Support

With all the benefits of a property, comes the maintenance. It can turn into costly repairs or depreciate your property if not tackled properly and at the right time. Our managed properties are evidence of our excellent expertise in maintenance. We know what to do and who’s the one for the job. We have developed mechanisms that identify and complete the job in a timely and cost effective manner for you.


Snagging, Inventory & Inspections

Imagine being handed over your property missing appliances, shelves are broken and somebody kicked in your wall. That never happens with our detailed snagging, inventory inspection services. We understand the importance of protecting your property and we imply the correct measures to see that through. Our system allows us to keep track of everything and with proof!


Utilities Management

Our team takes care of your utility connections and management to ensure timely payments, smooth operations of your unit and added comfort for both landlord and tenant. We know that a utility bill/ a cut off is the last thing you want to be bothered with.


Bounced/Late Rental Payments

With experienced management and resources Al Maha is able to help landlords gain more control over dealing with bounced or late payments from tenants in a sensitive yet effective manner. We aim to provide effortless solutions to tricky situations that benefit both landlord and tenant.


Rental Disputes Cases Centre

We were established before RERA! There’s not a single situation that we have not experienced or handled. Unlike many other real estate companies, we have a tenacious legal team that ensures quick resolutions and complete security of your property.


Ejari & Tenancy Registration

Navigating through the RERA system can be confusing for many of our clients and can disrupt their transition into a new property. Our team are the masters at Ejari and everything else related to RERA. We are certified to carry out ejari registrations and offer that service to our clients.


Quarterly Financial Reports

We want to keep you informed of where your property stands in the market, how much are its profits and how much are the cost of operations. Our financial reports help property managers and landlords understand the state of this property as a profitable asset and determine the next correct moves to ensure growth.


Connections with Developers

Our clients are either current property owners or future property owners so we maintain an excellent connection with the developers of Dubai to be on top of all the projects and offer our clients amazing investing opportunities that are best suited to them. This is in line with our belief that financial freedom is easy with the right real estate investments.


What Else We Do


We take care of every service you can imagine that you may need from when you acquire a new property to when you decide to sell it, and we will sell it for you too!

We bring to you more value by offering you soft services in the banking, telecommunications and security systems industry. And we do not plan on stopping there. We understand that real estate is no longer just a product, it is a service and we aim to be the best provider of it.

Advantages of Property Management

  • As a landlord, you reduce your workload of maintaining and operating your property in a profitable manner.
  • Property managers help you grow your property’s value by keeping it in prime condition always and advising updates and modifications that aren’t costly yet value adding.
  • You won’t have all your tenants constantly trying to get a hold of you. You only have to deal with us.
  • As a tenant you get to rent a property in fantastic condition without pesky maintenance issues.
  • You have an available point of contact round-the-clock.
  • All your issues are resolved promptly.
  • A better standard of living for both parties.

Our Partners


Registered Brokers

Al Maha welcomes all RERA certified, dedicated and steadfast brokers of Dubai to work on our large portfolio of managed properties and reap the benefits of commission!

This is beneficial for brokers because:

  • It creates another source of income for them and they are not limited to work with only the properties their agency has.
  • They don’t need to handle any of the administrative or handover procedures, that’s our job.
  • They can get paid for simple effortless work such as closed referrals.
  • They get to enjoy 100% commission
  • We currently have a growing network of 30+ brokers working on our properties. All our brokers are highly experienced to help you find your dream home.


Technical companies, contracting companies, interior design, everything and everyone are needed by our clients and we have a growing network of businesses that we work with and help each other grow through closed deals together. We invite your business to register with us for the following benefits:

  • A way to generate more leads
  • Even if we don’t need the services ourselves, we prioritize our registered vendors when carrying out referrals.
  • You can earn by referring us to anyone you may know
  • We have a growing demand and requirement for companies that provide service in the technical and construction sector.
  • We always try to ensure that all the vendors receive leads and are paid on time.